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Kennismaken met Grant Thomson

2023 5 Maart

Nieuws afbeelding

Grant Thomson is technisch manager voor de jeugd bij MHC Weesp. Hij komt uit Schotland, daarom is het interview om hem beter te leren kennen in het Engels.

Where are you from?
I’m From East Kilbride which is just outside Glasgow in Scotland.

And what brought you to the Netherlands?
Hockey brought me here, always wanted to be in the Netherlands working within the hockey community.

Do you live in Weesp?
No, it’s too expensive haha! I live in Nijmegen but soon to be Arnhem.

How do you travel to Weesp?
Always by Train, it’s relaxing.

What’s your experience in hockey?
I played hockey from 7 to 25 and when I moved here I started as a coach and now it’s been 10 years in the Netherlands working as a fulltime coach and technical manager.

I heard something about you organizing camps in the US?
Yes, my business runs camps in the USA and I take other European coaches with me to perform these camps (more info:

Do you still play hockey?
Sadlynot, I don’t have the time and my knees are not the same as they where.

What do you think of our club, MHC Weesp? Any potential in the teams for the national teams😉?
There is some potential in the D line so you never know.

What’s your observation after almost one season at our club?
There is a lot of work to be done, but I can already see steady progress and we will keep moving forward.

Why do you think that?
When I arrived in the summer we just had changed in the board and technical staff so it takes time to get things running smoothly.

What can we do about it?
I think we’re already doing it, we’re changing a lot behind the scenes to give the players and technical staff the best place possible to learn and develop.

What do we really need at our club?
At this time I would say some more experience within the training staff, but with time comes experience.

What do you expect of the parents from the youth teams?
I think the biggest thing is continued support and patience that we are doing the best we can.

What are your goals for this and next season with MHC Weesp?
To have a more complete technical staff, a dedicated goal keeper coach for all keepers and to see more members join the club, and to have more teams winning games and having fun.

When are you proud at the end of this season?
I’ll be proud when I see more teams having fun and winning games and that the promises I made about selection proceed working and being delivered smoothly.

What do you want to ask or say to the youth teams?
Keep working hard and making the effort to get to training and games and trust the process we have.

How’s your Dutch by the way?
Niet so goed.

What do you miss the most from Scotland?
Family and friends and going to see the Glasgow Rangers play.